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Smart All Carry Backpack

Smart All Carry Backpack

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Make your next meeting or travel easy with the Smart All Carry Backpack! With this professional and multifunctional backpack, you are sure to be prepared for whatever comes your way. The lightweight yet highly durable construction is designed to keep up with even the most demanding of lifestyles. Each pocket is expandable, so whether you carry your laptop, wallet, cell phone, charger, and other items for day-to-day use or plan a long weekend away – you’ll find that it has plenty of room to store all your essentials. This bag also includes a hidden anti-theft design in the back zipper that keeps your valuables safe and secure while traveling. With its waterproof material and adjustable straps on both sides, experiences will be made easier when equipped with this unique backpack. From business meetings to school trips and long hikes outdoors – the Smart All Carry Backpack can take any place you want to go!



Capacity : 20-35 Litre
Weight : 1.3 Kg
Dimensions: 45 x 29 x 16 cm
Shoulder Strap : 85 cm
Material : Nylon + Microfiber

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